Celebrate Shavuot and the giving of the Torah with Lapid Judaism.  This will be a two day event.  

Havdalah and late night Torah study

Thursday May 25, 2023


Staying up late or even all night on Erev Shavuot for Torah study is considered a tikkun (spiritual rectification) for the whole world.  This year's topic is yet to be determined.  

**Please bring snacks for yourself.  It is customary to eat cheesy dishes for Shavuot such as cheesecake, cheese blitzes, cheese enchilada's etc...**

Friday May 26, 2023

Community wide Erev Shabbat Dinner

8:00 PM

We will have a special community Erev Shabbat Dinner.  Please Register for this Event as we will need an accurate headcount for seating and you will be contacted with what to bring.  Deadline to Register is Sunday May 21

CLICK HERE to Register.