Lapid Judaism Passover Seder



Monday April 22 at 7:00PM

Menu:  Baked cod with lemon, red potates, brussel sprouts and apple matzo cobbler for dessert. *unfortunately there are no substitutions

Adults (ages 18+): $40.00

Teens (ages 13 – 17): $25.00

Children (ages 6-12): $13.00

Toddlers (Ages 0-5): FREE

NOTE: If you would like to give tzedkah (charity) in order to provide a Seder experience for families in need, please do so. If you would like to attend the Seder but you have a financial  hardship, please notify the synagogue office.

*Bring your own certified kosher for Pesach Wine and/or Grape juice to use during the Seder

Kosher wine or grape juice is an essential part of the Passover seder and it is not included in the ticket price. Attendees are asked to please purchase their own KOSHER wine or grape juice and bring it to the seder.


*Please note that non-kosher wine or grape juice will not be permitted at the Seder.


Kosher RED Wine: There are many varieties of kosher wine available. These wines come from Israel, France, Spain, Chile, America and other countries. Most kosher wines are inherently “kosher for Passover”. However, one should always verify. Please only bring RED wine to the Seder.


Kosher Grape Juice: For those who prefer not to drink wine, you may bring red kosher grape juice. Most grocery stores have a small kosher section in which one can find Kosher Kedem brand grape juice. Please do not bring any other brand of grape juice to the Seder.


The following vendors have large selections of Kosher red wine:


Total Wine (All Locations)

Longhorn Cheers Liquor (2 Locations: Longhorn Rd. Saginaw & Boat Club Rd. Fort Worth)

Tom Thumb (Hulen Street Fort Worth)

Tom Thumb (Forrest Lane and Preston Road Dallas)

Tom Thumb (Coit and Campbell Dallas)

Each person in your party will consume four (4) glasses of kosher wine / grape juice during the seder. These “glasses” consist of at least 4 oz of wine / juice. Please purchase enough kosher wine or grape juice in order to accommodate these halachic requirements. 

***Deadline to Register is Monday April 8***


CLICK HERE to Register


In the Sanctuary at

The Center for Lapid Judaism

200 Blue Bonnet Street

Saginaw TX 76179