Rabbi Mordecai Griffin and the families of Lapid Judaism welcome you home! Visiting a  Yeshua centered Jewish Synagogue for the first time is much like visiting any new venue. It's perfectly natural to have questions and feel a little excited. But fear not! We promise to make your experience enjoyable, comfortable, and a true blessing!

There are two very important things to remember about a Lapid Synagogue. First, we are a vibrant, fun, lively, and happy community! Shabbat services are exciting, relevant, joyful, and full of life. Second, this is a synagogue of normal, down-to-earth, welcoming people just like you, who love Yeshua the Messiah and wish to walk in His ways, with all our heart, soul, mind and strength!

Weekly Schedule

Shabbat Service: 10:30am-1pm

Shabbat Oneg Luncheon: 1:00pm-2:00pm (kosher, parve & dairy only)

Shabbat Classes: 2:30pm-3:30pm (when in session)

Office Hours: by appointment only

Upon Arriving

When you enter the building you will be graciously welcomed, provided an informational "Passport" and directed to the sanctuary. If you have children, there will be representatives to help and questions and get your young ones registered for their Sabbath classes.

To view the "Passport" in English CLICK HERE, to view "Passport" in Spanish CLICK HERE.  

What to Bring

Bring your Scriptures (Chumash, Tanakh, or Bible), your family, your friends, and your neighbors. That will make a great start! If you have a Siddur (Jewish prayer book) please bring it along as well. As a first time guest we welcome you to stay for our kosher oneg luncheon. Please, there is no need to bring anything for your first oneg. Just be our guest and we will handle the rest.

What to wear on Shabbat

The Jewish tradition is to "dress up" for the Sabbath, with proper attire for this special day. In keeping with the decorum of our shul and sanctity of Shabbat, our dress code is very simple:

  • Men should wear dress pants and dress shirts. It is very common for men to wear a coat and tie but it is not universal nor is it required. Shorts, t-shirts, or ripped/stained attire is not appropriate.
  • Women should dress modestly according to Jewish standards. Ladies typically wear dresses or skirts and blouses that cover the shoulders and sleeves to the elbow. The most important issue is modestly. Tight or revealing clothing is not appropriate.
  • If you are uncertain about a particular article of clothing, err on the side of discretion or feel free to contact us for clarification. We very much welcome and enjoy answering questions!

You'll notice that most of our members (male and female) wear head coverings in keeping with Jewish and scriptural tradition. Some men wear a kippah or hat, and some women wear a hat, wig, or techel (head scarf). As an observant Jewish synagogue, head coverings are encouraged but not required.

Sanctuary Seating

The center of Jewish life is the home and family, which we strive to reflect and encourage in our services with our seating arrangements. At the same time, the purpose of attending synagogue each week is drawing near to G-d and focusing on Him exclusively. Therefore, in keeping with long held Jewish observances and the greater purposes of Shabbat services, Lapid Judaism  offers three seating sections: Men, Women, and Families. 

  • Men who are above bar mitzvah age (13 and older) are encouraged to sit in the “Men's” section.
  • Women who are above bat mitzvah age (12 and older) are encouraged to sit in the “Womens” section.
  • The remainder of the seating is for married couples and families who prefer to sit together.
  • Children who are under the bar / bat mitzvah age are welcome to sit with their parent(s) in any section, regardless of the child’s gender.
  • The purpose of separate seating is modesty and focus. At synagogue, our attention is upon prayer, worship and study. Separate seating aids in this endeavor.

For additional information about Lapid Judaism, please visit the Why Visit Lapid page and the FAQs page. If you still have unanswered questions, please use the Contact Us page to email us directly. Even better, let experience be your teacher and simply join us this coming Shabbat!

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