Why Visit Lapid Judaism?

Why visit Lapid Judaism?  That's a great question, here are the answers...

Because you are ready to grow!

“Okay! I believe in Messiah Yeshua and I am thankful for G-d’s loving grace. Now what?” If you find yourself feeling a little empty after most sermons and bible studies, you’re not alone. Believers everywhere are longing for a deeper walk that moves past the spiritual milk and into real spiritual meat – but like you, they have no idea where to turn. This is where Lapid Judaism comes in. Every week we dive headfirst into the Scriptures, and dig deeply into the Hebraic roots of our faith to learn what it truly means to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our L-rd and Savior”!

Because we teach the Word of G-d … ALL of it!

In a world where preaching is personality and sermons are self-help messages, many believers are wondering “where’s the beef”? At Lapid Judaism there are no watered down sermons or milk-toast messages – only the full counsel of G-d declared with passion, purpose, and absolute integrity! At Lapid Judaism, we proclaim ALL scripture fearlessly and without reservation!

Because We walk obediently in Torah!

At Lapid Judaism you’ll find a laser-like focus on teaching and living the truth from scripture in a way that is both understandable and inspiring. And along the way, you’ll finally smooth out those theological ‘road bumps’ (i.e. apparent contradictions and inconsistencies in Scripture) that many believers encounter as they grow, but do not take the time to work through and understand. So join us this coming Shabbat (Saturday) and start getting the answers you’ve been looking for, as you discover the beauty and perfection of Torah in your daily walk of faith.

Because we tell the “rest of the story”!

Paul Harvey, an iconic radio personality, used to give “the rest of the story” to many well-known historical events, tales and biographies. In so doing, he added immense depth, clarity and critical detail that often transformed the way in which we perceived those stories. In the same way, that is what happens when one studies the Scriptures in their original Jewish background. One can never fully understand Scripture, or the Messiah as the true and Living Word of G-d, apart from its thoroughly Jewish foundations. Lapid Judaism brings amazing vibrancy, depth, illumination and understanding to the Bible. You will learn more in 30 days at Lapid Judaism than you have in 30 years at a church. That is guaranteed!

A true family atmosphere!

Many congregations claim to be “family friendly” but what does that mean? At Lapid Judaism, we’re not just family friendly – we ARE family! Each week during service all the children come forward for a special time of prayer dedicated just for them. Each week after service we share a kosher meal together (dairy / parve) and we always have enough food for guests! While young child care is always available during Shabbat services, families stay together once a month for our Rosh Chodesh service. So whether you’re a family of one, or a family of ten, Sar Shalom might be the extended mishpacha (family) you’ve been praying for.

A like-minded fellowship of iron sharpening iron!

At Lapid Judaism, we don’t rely on the paid leaders to do all the work. Our teaching and expertise goes well beyond the bimah with many knowledgeable and experienced members and lay leaders who have dug deeply into Torah for a very long time – and continue to do so every day. As a visitor, you’ll probably have many questions; and we look forward to discussing the answers with you. In fact, many of the best conversations happen during the oneg (luncheons) where we all have plenty of time to ask and answer questions with patience, love and mutual edification. In all matters we strive to be like the Bereans who “were of more noble character…and received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Sha’ul (Paul) said was true.”

Make plans to join us this week! As the saying goes, there’s no substitute for experience; so we cordially invite you to join us and experience Sar Shalom Synagogue this coming Shabbat (Saturday) at 10:30am.

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