It was always the vision of both Rabbi Mordecai Griffin and Rebbetzin Shoshana Griffin to have a kosher mikvah for the kehilah. Therefore, Lapid Judaism has built a 100% kosher, bor al gabai bor type mikvah for our community!  This is the very first kosher mikvah built for a Jewish community centered on Messiah Yeshua in modern history.  Mikvah Shiloah is an elegant, private and strictly kosher for the mitzvah of family purity, conversion and Yom Tovim immersion.  

The project involved building BOTH a men's and women's mikvah at our mikvah house.  Although the Mikvah project has been completed,  the project itself has not yet been paid off.  Please click the link below if you would like to contribute to this epic mitzvah.  

Please donate to the Mikvah Shiloah Project: